Hello everyone! I like the vacation feeling all around blog land! Im up to big things in our little apartment

even if every other day I doubt Im gonna go through with the plan... What is your favorite color or color combination?


i like mustard and mint the most! and the combination of yellow and pink are great :)

gul+rosa+koboltblå, rosa+orange, mörkgul+mintgrön, +rött & svart+allt..! basic colours + neon. right now I really love this outfit/colourcombination; THE BAG! MMM!

Light grey. With neon pink or bright green or ice blue.

Sound very exciting! Do it! My favorite combo these days is grey, mustand and mint :)

What lovely photos. It is a bit chilly and grim here but it's so nice to see your happy pics! I'm loving grey with bright orange or green and monochromes.Have a happy day

mmm, the first photo makes me hungry! my favorite color right now is mint - perfect for toe nails :) but that changes really quickly!

grey. lovely, warm, cosy, furry grey with yellow (i liked it before it was fashionable, honest). and orange is good. when i was a teenager i painted my bedroom a colour my mum described as 'tomato soup orange';. nice blog. carry on. x

Wine red/Tomato red, Wine red/Mint green, Marine/Black.

Exciting! I like neoncolors and yellow and a lot of pink. Love from the Netherlands.

I love the feeling of summer you have evoked! We are in the midst of a cold snap here in Melbourne, so it is nice to remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel! Thanks for sharing!I am loving the combination of natural timbers with coral/peach and mustard. Yum! <3 Stephanie Somebody

coral red/marine?


neon gul + hvid, mega techno, men nice!! :-)

ELLERmørkeblå + pink :-)

I just stumbled across your blog. It is so super colourful and beautiful! I love it. x

mustard yellow and light mint green/blue + black. orange-pink-black i also like, like these in the picture of yours. really love when put together clothes and they SO DO! love that!good luck now with your project!cheers! :))

I'm into pale primrose yellow with purple at the moment (I've had anastasia with hydrangea on my desk this week, and sunflowers with allium in another...)I do love pale or neon pink with grey too though, as someone else mentioned!

the first photo is perfection!

orange och vinrött! love to read all this comments.

pink & gul

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