Three Very Good Things:

1: Nested animals by the wonderfully talented Ingela Parrhenius
2: Coffee rituals. Twice daily I take my time and make a very good cup of coffee
3: The best of them all: Olga! (Who turned out to be the baby hiding in this belly)

▶ Everyone: I can't tell you how fantastic it is to have birds around! You should all get a bird feeder (@camilla, Ja vi havde en plastbubbla, men den her virker endnu bedre)


Matrjoschka animals! how cool!

Åh hvor ser hun bare skøn ud! :)God aften.Vh. Cæcilie Sofie

Love the little babushka animals... and Olga is absolutely beautiful! I quite like the name Olga :)

Cute little baby! I have Olga too :) (Actually Olga-Maria, she is two.)

Those Matroschka on the first pic. are wonderful! I love Matroschka since I´m a child, and always look for some as nice as does. I never drink coffee, but what is in your cup seems tasty & so creamy that I would try it!I wish you a nice day, PS: Let me know your impressions please if you visit TANK!

what a cutie, little olga!

Very good things, indeed. (I must be mad. I have an 8-month-old, but Olga is making me want another baby. Madness, I tell you :)

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