Snap shots - coffee - by Ungt Blod
Snap shots - tomato plant - by Ungt Blod
Snap shots - pizza - by Ungt Blod


One of the things I like about instagram is the way it is a giant feed of snapshots - photos that wouldn't otherwise be taken. That is one of my favorite types of photography. And I like it when I remember to take shots like that with something other than my crappy iPhone camera.

- another thing I really love about instagram is how much time shows through. I do often photograph things and instagram them later, but one of the beauties is seeing time pass: Like everybody having morning coffee - or photographing the beautiful sunset. Or realizing that somewhere on the other side of the world, somebody is having their morning coffee as you are off to bed. Twitter does some of the same. It makes me aware of the time differences and the flow of the day going around the world. Getting sidetracked here. This is just a little post of snapshots.

▶ Mariela Ramos: Thank you!
▶ Kira: Kun naturligt at det går op og ned
▶ kleurendurf: I am very skeptical of Facebook, but I am willing to wait and see what is going to happen. Especially since it is mostly snapshots of coffee i post
▶ when skies are grey: I know the feeling - sometimes it is great to actually visit the blog! you get so much extra from that
▶ Linn Maria: You too!!!!
▶ Gabrielle: thank you so much!


Nice. What kind of plant is that?

Mette this is so true, i totally feel the same :-)

Aaaaaaaand again: your Pizzas always look so delicious, phew. I really have to try baking one in my stupid oven here - already afraid of the result - do you have gas there?

I completely agree with you. It's about the little things, remembering them, noticing them, the non-epic.


I totally agree also :)

Halløj halløj, jeg bliver simpelthen nødt til at stille dig et enkelt spørgsmål som intet har med denne post at gøre. Men hun er sød, den lille plante. Nu til sagen. Hvor køber du selvklæbende folie?

Jeg er så glad for at følge med herinde, det er et dejligt sted.

Loving these pictures in many ways. Switch the top with a cup of tea and you have my day! <3 Also, I'm a big fan of Instagram and love watching the photos change with friends throughout the day as well.

Totally agree with you. The pizza makes me hungry. ;)

Oh, a plant is already growing. So nice!

I love that too about instagram. At Christmas time I was glued to my phone as everyone was posting delicious Christmas dinner photos!

That pizza looks amazing…

Oh yes, I love to see photos of an early morning run in Sydney, when I go to bed. Or late dinner somewhere in New York when I get up early. It's nice to share everyday life in the moment when it's happening :)

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