Rufus in the house by Ungt Blod
Coffee by Ungt Blod
Tivoli by Ungt Blod


One of my favorite podcasts have this thing where they post short versions of the podcast in between the full length episodes - they are called Shorts and every time I make a blog post with no particular focus, just three photos and nothing else, a little child's voice goes: "Shorts!"

▶ B: Jeg siger tak for tomatråd!
▶ allesistgut: Oh that is nice! glad you like Copenhagen!
▶ Irene: !!!
▶ Trixi: I am so glad you noticed!


(you know I love dogs :))
( I can't help it )

hej rufus!! hihihi! och vasen, finast!

Altså hvor jeg glæder mig til Rufus kommer på ferie:) Selv tak;) Jeg har nu taget springet og sået oreganofrø... vi ses snart.

Eeej, jeg var helt sikker på at det var en post om at du ville begynde at gå i shorts!!! Hvornår kommer den?

The first picture made me laugh out loud. Pets are the best!

hello !
i will be at the mikkeller celebration next week :))
i saw that you worked with keith too !
meet you there hopefully

i love Rufus! :)

The first picture is my favorite "short" Rufus looks so funny! Wish I could have a dog at home too,

And those ceramics on the side are beautiful,

That is probably one of the sweetest Rufus pictures ever.
Your blog continues to be amongst my favourites, Mette!

Åh, rufus!

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