Goodbye 2012

I met a cute little bee, went to Berlin, had a visit from IKEA ...and had more sushi

▶ Lise W: Tak i lige måde!
▶ Anna: Thanks!
▶ Caja: De er håndtrykte og jeg lavede kun 10, men over lidt om der skal komme flere på et tidspunkt
▶ Sofie: Oh, I am so so glad to hear that!


Lovely experiences I would say!

Love the images as always and Happy New Year :) Glad I popped over here to comment, I am seeing the new blog layout and WOW!

Aki Tatsu ? :-) We love this neighborhood !

I love your pictures. The bee is too cute and the sushi mouthwatering (yet again).

Oh bidräkten är bedårande, vart hittar man en sån? / Erika

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