Build in bookcase wall by Ungt Blod /
Build in bookcase wall by Ungt Blod /
Build in bookcase wall by Ungt Blod /
Build in bookcase wall by Ungt Blod /
Build in bookcase wall by Ungt Blod /
Build in bookcase wall by Ungt Blod /
Build in bookcase wall by Ungt Blod /
Build in bookcase wall by Ungt Blod /

How I made our build-in record wall

A loong while ago I posted a photo of our build in record wall on instagram and promised to do a how-to on how I built it.
I finally got around to taking a few photos and also realized that I didn't take any progress photos along the way, so instead I tried to do a drawing of how I put the shelves together:
The basic principle is, that records are super heavy and so I wanted the horizontal shelves to rest on vertical dividers, so I wouldn't have to many joints that had to carry a lot of weight.
The whole thing is made og 22mm MDF, which is pretty easy to cut and to paint.

Last year for my birthday I got a Makita circular saw with a guide, which makes it super easy to master straight cuts and so I cut all the wood myself - with the help of my sweet father-in-law.
I just cut the whole thing into 44cm deep pieces and made a bunch of the vertical dividers in the height of a record (+ a couple of cm).

I had made a drawing of the layout before starting out, but left room to deviate from the plan along the way. It is suuuper important to draw the whole thing out before you start, and take in to account any quirks the walls may have (ours are pretty old and crooked and so is the floor).

Then I started to assemble the shelves from the bottom up. Because of our sloped ceilings, I had to cut the horizontal pieces into the right lengths as I went along, as it would be too difficult to calculate the exact length of each piece before knowing exactly how high it would sit on the wall.

Finally I spackled any visible holes from screws and sanded and spackled and sanded and painted what seems like a 1000 times :-) Assembling was the fun part - the final touch took for ever :-)

Now Dennis' record collection has moved in along with the Imac, that especially the kids use for watching netflix, and room for other weird and funny stuff.
- And I built a matching bench on the other side of the chimney with room for both toys and firewood. - I will show you that some other time!

Let me know if you have any questions!


This looks great!

Hvordan sidder hylderne fast? Det er ikke lige til at se på billederne? Jeg er selv håndværksmæssigt udfordret, så jeg ville tro, man skulle bruge en masse af de små, metal mini"hyldeknægte"(jep, jeg er skrap i håndværkerlingo)

Hej Mette - da Elinor var lille havde i sådan en fin spøgelses filt hule.. Hvor var den fra??
Håber alt vel!
KH Emilia

Hej Emilia. Undskyld jeg ikke har set din kommentar! Den var fra Our Childrens Gorilla, men kan ikke købes mere :-)

What a good idea to organize space! I really like it. I enjoy making different things to make my home more cozy. Now I have some free time and some free space to make something similar. Thank you for the idea!

Wow...a whole shelf practically devoted to records. That's something my partner definitely needs. :)

Love how they are so 'built in' they even take into consideration all those funky angles. They look beautiful.

And I'm definitely eyeing these up, as I moved into a new flat in Vienna last year and still have not gotten around to what to do with my massive album and CD collection. Would love something like this --- love how you've fit the wood in there too :)

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